Monday, November 2, 2009

Sometimes It's Not Easy

Being a homestead kid. Most animals around our homestead are destined for the table. Of course we have the layer hens, the adult rabbits, and our milking does, but alot of the babies that are born here will eventually wind up in the freezer. As an animal loving 10 year old girl, it can be hard to not get attached to those darling little babies! However sometimes, once in awhile, a girl can get lucky and she might get to keep a sweet little baby to be a replacement momma.

This is The Youngun and Clover, who will be kept to add to our little rabbit herd.

It's quite the love affair. She takes Clover for walks and cuddles with her several times a day. The Youngun has a really good grasp on the way things work. She's great about understanding that these animals are our food, but it's also nice when she can get attached to one and know that we are going to keep it!

Hope things are great around your homestead! Till next time..............GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!

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