Tuesday, November 10, 2009

18 week update!

Down .4 this morning! I know that some folks get a bit upset when they don't lose alot of weight. My thinking is, as long as that scale is headed in the downward direction, then I'm cool beans! Actually as long as I'm eating healthy, exercising and not lying to myself about whether or not I'm following the plan, then I don't care what the scale says!

We are off on vacation to Florida for 10 days as of Friday afternoon! Whoo hoo! For a long time leading up to this trip, I was nervous as a cat, scared as a chicken with a fox in the hen house! I have no laptop so I will be computerless, ie trackerless for 10 whole days! Oh the horror!!!! But now I'm cool as a cucumber, fresh as a daisy, free as a bird! I can do this. I know what to eat, I know how to judge portion sizes, and I can keep track of what I eat in a notebook. I'm going to go on vacation, work out every day with my hubby, run on the beach and have a blast! Life is good, embrace it, welcome each day with joy, reflect on the good, let go of the bad! My brother in law will turn 40 this year. He isn't happy about it because he thinks he is getting old. My daughter and I were discussing this and my dad said, Well I've got news for him, he IS getting old! My daughter said that wasn't old, 70 is old (lol, and apologies if you are 70). I said, Well it's better than the alternative! My daughter said, What's that? And I said Death!! In short, live life while you are still alive to enjoy it!

God Bless and get up and MOVE!!

Till next time.....I'm unTHICKINandohsoTHINNIN!!

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