Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More On Our Whirlwind.......

First off I have to tell you all how much your comments meant to me!  I got tears in my eyes as I read them off of yesterday's post.  I've missed you all so much, and you can't know how much you mean to me! that we're done with the mushy stuff.....

Read the first installment here........

The next day we took my Challenger back to the dealership and asked them to buy it back. We knew what a precarious financial position we were in and didn't want to have the car repo'ed if we could do anything at all about it. They took the car back, paid off the note, and gave us 78 bucks to boot. We could cross that little worry off our list..........

We also put our house back on the market............

Next we went to our little local bank that has been so good to us over the past 7 years.  We had a $1500 note with them that we wanted to make sure was taken care of.  We explained to our dear friend and loan officer, Robin what our situation was and we paid the note off.  By the Grace of God we had that little bit of money in savings and were able to take care of it.  Robin was very supportive and said she would write us a letter of reference if ever we needed one.

We next began to explore our options.  As many of you may remember we've always wanted to move south, or west, or somewhere.  We began to pray and ask God where He'd like us to go.  We were feeling strong nudges toward Kentucky.  The Man called his sister.  She has 4 acres and there is a single wide house trailer on her property right across the driveway from her house.  It was fixin' to be empty and we could rent it for $350 a month.  We went down to check it out and see what we thought.  We didn't think......we came home thinking we didn't want to move down there.  We were still thinking on what WE wanted instead of what God wanted for us.  We had gone down there with preconceived notions of what it would be like and those notions were bashed bloody against a rock.  It wasn't at all what we'd thought it would be.

The Man began to look for work in IL, all to no avail.  We also weren't getting any interest in our house.  We weren't upside down on our mortgage, but we weren't in real good shape either.  We continued to pray, asking God to show us where He'd have us go.  We also began the process of filing bankruptcy.  This was so shameful for us.  A real blow to our pride, as we've always taken great pains to be sure our credit was impeccable.  At the time of our filing my score was 803 and The Man's was 798, however we had no choice.  We didn't really live beyond our means, but we lived at our means, that's for sure.  There was no way we could even pay our next house payment, let alone all those to come.  The Man didn't want to go back into a high stress job and I didn't want that for him either, so we chose to let God lead us and we filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  We also decided to accept that God wanted us in Kentucky...........

Continued soon.....

God Bless................


  1. So sorry to read what you've been through and so so so very glad to see your posts. I will be praying and reading as you post so I can find out how you've been. ((hugs)) and love to you all

  2. I am sorry for what you've been going through. I hope all things work out for you. Life is rough for so many these days. We continue to live frugally trusting in God, as He knows our needs better than anyone.


  3. holy cow, that is awesome credit scores! but terrible how this economy is hurting people. Now i'm hooked and want to know more!

  4. WOW! I missed your first post and have been reading it and anxious to hear where you all are at! I think I hear a positive note in all this.. I have missed reading your blog and cant wait to hear the rest of the story.........

  5. Hi! What a pleasant surprise.... I have looked at some of those blogs that I haven't heard from for some time (some our ones that I followed from when I started) - I struggled with what to do... Do you email to see if they are OK - do you stop following.... I didn't do anything - just waited! So glad to hear you are OK. Sorry to hear about your difficult times - hope that things are turning around!

  6. Ok, you are KILLING me!!!! This cliff hanger stuff has got to stop. Now I'm wondering where in KY. It's not ALL bad. hehehehehe

  7. I'm sure ya all spent a lot of time in prayer during this time when you were searching for answers on which direction to turn. Glad to know that you followed God's leading. It sounds like you went though a little pruning.

  8. this! God's ways are always better even if we don't see it at first. There's a reason e wants y'all there! good for you all..i've been wondering about you!

    God bless you as your learn to trust Him. love.
    mountain mama

  9. don't leave me hangin'!! What a journey!

  10. Sounds like you were very wise about what you were dealing with financially ,it can be hard to have faith in troubled times , but that is when we need it the most

  11. & I'm so very thankful God moved you to Kentucky ;)


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