Monday, November 21, 2011

Did I Forget Something........or Another Episode of Confessions of a Goodwife

If you aren't new to my blog you may be asking yourself a question.  You may be sitting there sayin', "GOODWIFE!! What about your birthday pigs??  What about Ed Earl and Lu Lu?!?  How can you possibly leave out such an important detail about the past few months?!?  Then again, perhaps you are sittin' there at your computer sayin', "Edearlwhosis?  Lulawhatshername?  What the carp are you talkin' about lady?? 

To those of you who are swine minded and are just achin' to know what happened to my dear Ed Earl and Luanne, I'm going to tell you, but first let me share a couple pics of my dear hoggies.....

My dear Ed Earl.....

Pretty Lu Lu......

K, so if you've caught up on what's going on you know we made a major move.  I couldn't take my piggies with me.  Pigs are an acquired taste and you must truly understand swine to love them.  Most folks don't, so asking The Aunt and Uncle to let me keep my porcine cuties over at their place was out of the question.  I was faced with a decision.  I could sell them.............. or eat belly won (as it usually does).

It's know you are a hardcore homesteadin' goodwife when you can eat your beloved birthday swine with nary a qualm.  I did have trouble sayin' good by to Ed Earl, but having the meat from two HUGE hogs in our freezer has really saved us in our present situation.  We eat pork and that's about it.  Oh yeah, and if you are wondering if there truly is a difference in heirloom pork, the answer is a resounding YES!  I've never eaten a juicier pork chop in my life.  The Man is a pork steak eater because chops are usually dry.  Not so with Ed Earl's fine flesh.  Juicy, tender, moist, and just plain yummy!

So there you have it.  Now you can stop agonizing over the detail I forgot in my tale......

Til next time...........

God Bless...............


  1. I have happy pastured pork in my freezer too. And, I can say that there isn't anything like it in the grocery store.

    I was wondering about your piggies ... now we know they're sustaining your family.


  2. They were some pretty piggies... I bet they do taste good.

  3. I wish you and your wonderful family the best in your new home. Trusting in the Lord is the most important thing you can do. Everything else is incidental.

  4. I have to admit, that'd be hard. I have a hard time eating lamb, of course it is sort of an acquired taste too.... but I spent way to much time with my sheep... but I have tasted other people's :) you're a much stronger woman than I am! Although it's good you have them to help you... hmmmmm...... Pork is good though ;)


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