Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Move to Kentucky..........

If you haven't already, please read installments one and two......

God was really pushing us to Kentucky, even though we weren't sure we really wanted to go.  We decided to take a deep breath and trust God.  The Youngun wasn't happy and there were lots of tears on her part.  She didn't want to leave Pop Pop and Granny, or the Darling Cousin.  We understood but we also explained to her that when you pray for God's guidance and direction in your life, you must be prepared for Him to give it!  We've always prayed for God to show us the way and for Him to give us the courage to follow.  Well He was asking us to put our money where our mouth was so to speak! 

Wednesday, June 29th, The Man and I loaded The Dodge up on a car trailer and pulled it down to Kentucky with our truck Black Betty.  I followed in our S-10 pickup.  We made it a one day run, so were on the road roughly 15 hours.  We dropped The Dodge  and the S-10 off and then went over to his aunt and uncle's place to hook up their stock trailer and haul it back to IL.

On July 2, 2011 we had a 26' U-haul loaded up with our belongings.  We also had the stock trailer with Champ, the goat girls; each with three kids at their side, our cat Willow, and the chickens and ducks. Our little convoy was ready to leave at 6 AM.  It was very hot and I was worried about the critters on our 7+ hour drive down.  The Man drove the U-haul with our dog Ginger along for company.  My dad and mom, along with their dog Pepper, drove our truck Black Betty pulling the stock trailer, and The Youngun and I brought up the rear in my folks' vehicle with our two other dogs, Annie and my Ellie-Girl, in the back seat.  We were off!

Leaving our place behind wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I think because we were totally focusing on what God wanted us to do, and knowing that home is where the heart is.  Our hearts are with God, so home can be anywhere we make it!

To Be Continued.............


  1. Having moved the girls away from their nana and grampie at 10,10, & 11 I know how hard it is. Especially when all they had ever known was them living close by.. Quite the caravan.. It took 2 mini-vans, 3 trucks(2 with trailers) and a suburban to move us to this house.. And thats not counting the day before when we moved the animals!! Moving is so much fun.... Please detect the Seriously Saracastic note in that statement!
    Cant wait to hear the rest!!

  2. And your new adventure begins! Don't leave us hanging too long OK?

  3. Can't wait to hear the rest of your adventure, and I pray for God's guidance for you and your family as you go!

  4. I have to laugh... I bet it was a sight & job loadin all the animals up for the big move... I'm glad ya made it safe & sound.

  5. I am enjoying your adventure! Keep it coming. I am also sad that you had the financial problems, and upon thinking about it, we would be in trouble if our income suddenly stopped. Most of us spend what we make, for sure.

  6. hey baby! i HAVE been wondering about you! missed you much.

  7. Wow you were right in your email about this being unbelievable! Wow! And I could so see your poor sweet girl being sad! But you're right, home is where you make it.

  8. You have more guts than anyone I know! I can't imagine leaving the farm and all our family totally behind, but if that's what God wants - what other choice do you have? I'm glad you could take your critters with you, at least you could bring some of IL to KY. You just amaze me girl!


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