Friday, November 5, 2010

Punkin Walnut Pie............

Update..........I have to say this wasn't as sweet as I'd like it to be, although it's very, very yummy.  My hefty gal taste buds will be adding a little brown sugar to the filling next time I make it.  It is for sure a keeper though!!  Thanks Ohiofarmgirl!

That pesky gal over at Ohiofarmgirl's Adventures in the Goodland is always tempting me with some delicious recipe.  She won me over today with this little gem

It's cooling on the counter right now, and I had to put on my straight jacket to keep from eating it hot out of the oven........I'm sure it will be disgusting, but I'll prolly manage to choke it down......HAHAHA!  Seriously it smells sooo yum-dilly-ish-us and when I stuck the butter knife in to test for doneness and licked it off, it was 7 kinds of fabulous.

Please notice that on the blog post in which she shares this recipe she has a photo caption that says "Suck it monkeys – I'm having pie for breakfast!"  This has to be my favorite photo caption of all time......I'm just sayin'

God Bless.........


  1. That sounds delicious and looks yummy too. Pie for breakfast sounds good to me.

    Have a good day ~ FlowerLady

  2. Ooooo Looks So Good And Yummy!!!! Gonna have to make this sometime :)

  3. Sending love and kisses! Yours in pie

  4. yeah I couldn't have that at my house, my husband doesn't like nuts or pumpkin... LOL

  5. ooooooh that looks good. gotta get some ice cream though with it while its warm...

    I think Im going over there right now to get that recipe! thanks for the link!!!

    And yes, Im always adding and deleting ingredients too - each family is different, so each recipe needs to be 'tweaked to the family!


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