Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am A Warrior...........

War has been declared at my house.

There have already been some deaths, and more than a few near misses, and some pretty serious skirmishes.

The whole family has gotten in on the fighting.

Our weapon of choice is this.....

And the evil invaders we are valiantly defending our fortress from?

We are weary and war-torn, but the fight continues......

God Bless............


  1. HAHA!!! Nasty little things! Get'Em!!

  2. uggghh..I hate flies! Lol nerverackin' lil boogers!

  3. OMG I literally cracked up over this! I'm sure my co-workers thought I was nuts :)

  4. LOL!!! that was too funny! You crack me up!

  5. I agree! You are too funny. But, the war on flies isn't funny. I have a constant battle with them here at the dairy. Maybe I could enlist you and your family to help battle them here too!! :D

  6. I hate fly season - ours is far gone.... have a bad little ladybug every once in awhile but the flies for the most part are gone! When they are bad..... I have sticky tapes in the garage by the door and fly swatters all over the house! Those darn things!

  7. I've been in this war too. And I am darn sick of it! My plastic fly swatter is breaking apart I've had to use it so much. We get flies bad in late summer and they seem to multiply while we sleep. I even took the vacuum early one morning and sucked up 13 of them from the ceiling. Our temps are down but the little ickies aren't taking the hint!

  8. So Funny!!! We are at war to at our house... Oooo I hate flies, really! Nasty lil pest!

  9. lol you go warrior girl! same issue up in MT!

    When we went to town for supplies for the horse shed, I also asked if they had any fly tape...she said, oh we put that away for the year already...but she dug two packages out for me and here they hang, on the doors where the little buggers are coming in for the winter.

    the only problem is is that I forget that they are there and then i need help in removing them from my head...

    i be a bug lol


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