Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hubby is on Vacation....

this week, so we've been busy doing lots of fun family things as well as some of the heavier chores around the homestead. We went to Cameron Cave on Monday and took the lantern tour which was very beautiful and lots of fun. We got to see three bats snoozing the day away which The Youngun absolutely loved!

We also saw some really beautiful formations in the cave. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful, beautiful world that God created for us to live in. And it never ceases to amaze and disturb me how little we value and take care of it. Big Daddy P found a candy wrapper deep inside the cave. Here we are 100 feet down in the depths of our amazing earth and some jerk felt the need to toss his trash on the ground! UGH! People like that infuriate me. But anyway, the cave is a beautiful, mostly unspoiled bit of God's handiwork and we had a great time!

Here is The Youngun standing in front of a really lovely formation inside Cameron Cave.

This is a beautiful little pool of water inside the cave.

God created this wonderful amazing place for us to live in........yet more proof of His abiding Love for us! Thank you Lord for the wonders of our world, and thank you for letting us be alive to experience those wonders!


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