Friday, March 13, 2015

What's Going On Around Here.....

Lots of good stuff as it happens!

We'll take a picture walk around to see what's happening....

Eden's babies have grown and grown.  They are 9 weeks old.

Tauriel's babies are healthy, fat and sassy.....

She's got 9 kits and as you remember from her first kindling, she had nine that time as well.  She's a great mom and very protective of her babies!

We thought we had a blue kit, but it turns out we've got 3 Castor kits, and 4 Black kits, and 1 very interesting little one that is black with brown frosting of some sort.  It almost looks like a steel, but black and brown.  Maybe a chocolate steel?  I'm not sure and if you've got any ideas, let me know!  No good pictures of that kit as of yet, but hopefully we'll get some soon, however I can already tell their type leaves quite a lot to be desired....

Tulip is doing great, feeling good and very spry for a pregnant old lady!

Isn't she beautiful?  So graceful and lady like. That's not who she really is, but she sure looks the part in the picture.....

And here we are having a love moment...........I do love this goat so!!

Star is VERY uncomfortable, and quite large and in charge....

They will both be at day 147 on Saturday the 21st but I'm not sure Star is even going to make it that long.  I'm still thinking quads for her....

As you can see in this picture, she's already starting to bag up.....

And triplets for Tulip...who has not begun to bag up.....

 Ollie is quite the handsome little stinker....

and he's moving into his "big boy" buck quarters this weekend.  He's going to be a sad and lonely boy for 8 weeks but then one of the buck kids from either Tulip or Star will move in with him.  Unless we wind up with all does, which I TOTALLY do not envision happening!

 The quail are doing great!  And this batch will be ready to butcher in a couple weeks!

So that's what's going on around here!  I'll be doing a more detailed post on Tulip and Star sometime this weekend or early next week and I think The Youngun has a detailed rabbit post in mind.

 Stay tuned!

Till next time.....


  1. I just love those black kits. So beautiful!

    I'll be curious to see what color your "mystery kit" is. I'm fascinated by color genetics, but still have a lot to learn. :)

    Looks like you are going to have kids coming out your ears before too much longer! That will be goatie heaven. :)

    1. Yes, I'm ready for goatie heaven! I just can't wait to meet the babies, and of course I'll be glad when they are all safely on the ground! I'm also very interested in color genetics, and there is ALWAYS so much to learn about it. I love the chocolate gene, and hope that at least some of Ollie's kids next year will express the chocolate gene. I'm thinking if that little rabbit is a chocolate steel, I may keep it just long enough to get one litter, bred back to Spartan or Elvie, for chocolate Silver Fox, but of course that is all just a project in my head! LOL! I love the color of your kits as well, almost a pinkish orange, just beautiful!

  2. Yay! Everyone looks so healthy and beautiful! I love the picture with goat kisses. :) Also, I CAN'T WAIT to see all those little kids later on! Do you guys eat goat or mostly sell the extras? Also, I'd be glad to try to help with the mystery kit if I can. We've had a lot of colors pop out over the years from when I used to raise other breeds. :)

    1. Thanks! Goat kisses are my very favorite!! We are going to butcher some wethers (fixed males) later this fall and that will be our first time eating goat. We've never butchered one before in all the years we've had them because we always had beef in the freezer, but not anymore, so I'm very excited to taste it! And I was hoping you'd say that about the mystery kit! We got some really good pictures yesterday so I or The Youngun will do a post soon! Thanks so much :)

  3. Tulip and Star look great! Star is huge. So excited for the babies. I'm keeping an eye on my Chloe I think shes due around the 28th, shes getting fluffy back there.

  4. We used to have goats but my husband found them difficult animals to handle, preferring instead our two dairy cows to provide the milk. But I wouldn't mind having a goat or two, and looking after them myself. I think I would probably have more patience with their ways, and I do like goats milk and cheese. Lovely rabbits. Our two are doing fine but are not in the right living accommodation so we shall not be keeping rabbits in a big way until he has built a proper space for them. Are you rabbits for pets or meat? Ours are for meat.

    1. I'm for sure a goat person! :) I think a lot of it is finding the right goat for you as well. They for sure all have distinct personalities and you've got to find the one that fits with yours...Thanks for the compliment on our rabbits! They are for meat, we'll be butchering next weekend I'd suppose as they are right around 4 lbs as of yesterday. We of course make pets out of our breeders and they are lots of fun to cuddle, but when their time as breeders is over, they'll be in the pot as well.

  5. I loved the tour! I love seeing how all your critters are doing, although I admit a partiality to the goats. ;) Most of the Kinder folks I know are having a predominance of boys so far this year! I hope you balance all that out with a bunch of does. From the looks of your girls you're going to have a lot of little goats no matter what they are!

    1. Thanks!! I hope I get at least 3 doelings between the two girls................after that all boys will be ok! I'm very excited and we are down to just a little over a week until day 150, so it won't be long now. I hope your quads are doing well!

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    1. Hi Alicia! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! :)


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