Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eden and Elvy News/The Ones Who Lived...

               Welcome to the Rabbit Report! Remember these guys??

Tauriel's second litter (Product of Tauriel and Spartan) has finally reached four weeks yesterday! So we decided to do a weigh in and gender-check today...

1.) Castor Doe- 1.25 lbs.

2.) Castor Doe- 1.24 lbs.

3.) Red Castor Doe- 1.19 lbs.

4.) Red Castor Doe- 1.32 lbs. (My personal favorite)
5.) Steel Buck- 1.24 lbs. (who has a notch in his ear)

6.) Black Buck- 1.08 lbs.

7.) Black Buck- 1.21 lbs. (camera shy)

8.) Black Buck- 1.03 lbs.
Black Doe- 1.17 lbs.

Such beautiful babies Spartan and Tauriel made!

And here are some comparison pictures of the three different colors we got out of her litter...
Now we have two pregnant does here. Eden and Elvy are both due on the 13th of April. 
Eden was bred to Presley

 I was very curious as to what we would get if we crossed the two, so I went ahead and bred her to him.
And here we have a rare photo of Spartan's facial expression while the deed was being done...
 The bars inhibit the true hilarity of the look, but you get the idea.
We also went ahead and bred Elvy to Spartan
 (Our only good posing picture of Elvy)
(She does not care for posing... Mayhaps we should reevaluate the wisdom of our choice to put the posing table right next to a buck's cage...)

(Beautiful Spartan and his silvering...)
We already know what we are going to get from Spartan and Elvy, but you never know what could pop up from Spartan, since we aren't sure he is full! Be sure to comment and guess what you think we'll get from Pres and Eden!
Speaking of Spartan, our beautiful boy has made such progress. When he came to us at almost seven months, he was skittish and unsure, and he wasn't filled out at all. Not exactly thin, but not nearly as full bodied as I would have liked him. He's always been smaller than all of the other rabbits, except for Presley... 
But Bad Boy Spartan has made a comeback, and full feed and love has made a huge difference!
And so, signing off is our leather studded Bad Boy Spartan and his amazing progress!



  1. So cute!! Oh Spartan is a love, isn't he? Also the kits and your does look fantastic! So glad to see all is well with the rabbit report. :)

    1. Thank you! And yes he really is. The Goodwife (mom) recently said that she wished he was more friendly, but these past four or five days he has really come around!

  2. Nice rabbit photos......and a successful breeding programme for all!

    1. Thanks! I was so happy to finally get decent posing photos of my adult rabbits!


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