Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eden and Tauriel's Litters

All is well at the Bunny Barn! Here are the four week weights for Eden's litter

1.) 1.33 lbs. (doe)
2.) 1.36 lbs. (doe) 
3.) 1.20 lbs. (buck)
4.) 1.36 lbs. (doe)
5.) 1.14 lbs. (doe)
6.) 1.44 lbs. (buck)
7.) 1.33 lbs. (buck)
And here are the six week weights...

1.) 2.8 lbs. (doe)
2.) 2.4 lbs. (doe)
3.) 2.6 lbs. (doe)
   4.) 2.85 lbs. (buck)
 5.) 2.8 lbs. (buck)
 6.) 2.4 lbs. (buck)
  7.) 2.75 lbs. (doe)
We weaned the bucks today and put them into our handy dandy grow-out pen.

I will be doing a post on how to build one of these later on, because we are going to build a separate one for doe kits. (I will also be able to get better pictures at that point in time)

Tauriel kindled on February 27th, which was her due date. We haven't been able to count yet, but there are at least seven kits.


If you remember, she was bred to Spartan, our silver fox buck
because she lost the litter she had from Presley

 Spartan and Eden's litter was all black, so we assumed that breeding Tauriel to Spartan would produce the same result. However, we have found so far several amber kits and a blue kit. Later I will post pictures and the number she had as well!
Signing off is Presley, hoping you are as excited as he is about his hay...


  1. Aren't rabbit colors fun? Now you know for sure that Spartan and Tauriel carry the blue recessive if you have a self blue in their litter. Also, the babies look great! So glad to hear all is going well in the Bunny Barn. :)

    1. It is SO fun! LOL! I'm so excited to see these babies and what colors they turn out to be. Thank you for letting us know that the blue self means that they both carry the blue recessive gene. I wondered about that and am excited to see what the breeding of Spartan and Elvie produces. She is all black as far back as her pedigree goes, but Spartan doesn't have a pedigrees so it will be interesting!

    2. My rabbits make me so happy! We really don't think that Spartan is full. It certainly isn't he man we got him from's fault, since he had just recently bought him, but we are doubting it, especially due to Tauriel's litter. It is interesting though that ALL of Eden's babies were born black, and most of them have the silvering. (I will be taking up-close silvering pictures later on this week)

  2. Eden's kits are so beautiful! Nice and meaty, too ;). That is so cool about the colors! Are you going to keep any from either of these litters?

    1. Thank you! And yes, that is certainly what we are wanting here! Eden's babies have EXCELLENT type too. They are very round and nice looking in all of the right places! Tauriel is much less round, more long bodied and less commercial lol, so we are curious to see if her kits have type like Eden's or type like Tauriel's. I don't plan to keep any kits this time around from Eden, because I would like something colorful to replace Tauriel if possible, that also has nice type. We will have to see how Tauriel's litter progresses, but I don't think I'll want to keep anything from her either simply because of her personality, even though she is a good mother. I don't want a doe that I cant handle because she'll bite if I do! My plans are to breed Eden to Presley this time around, and keep the biggest doe with the nicest type and coloring (if we get anything besides Californians) because both Presley and Eden are very nice rabbits, even though Presley is quite small.


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