Monday, December 1, 2014

Rabbit Report Introduction......Courtesy Of The Youngun

Hello, this is The Youngun with the Rabbit Report!
Tails are fluffy and eyes are bright! All is well in the Bunny Barn!

On the weather is our very own Presley Fluffyrump!


Covering the news is yours truly, Eden the Giant
On those cute animal stories that cheer everyone up after hearing about the deaths, natural disasters, and other real world problems is Gorgeous Tauriel!

And finally, bringing up the rear on the bunny trail on sports is our one and only... She's foxy, she's big, and she has the best hair highlights of anyone I know.. Elvy!

Stay tuned for more information on our furry friends!


It's time for the official bunny welcome featuring Presley, Elvy, Eden, and Tauriel!

Let's head out to the bunny barn for a grand and very fluffy introduction!

Fashioned together by my fabulous father, the bunny barn is an enticing establishment for human and bunny to partake of!
Let's say hullo to our first fluffy friend, Presley!

Isn't he a handsome hopper!? Okay, so I'm not into rabbits.. But if I was, he would be my first choice for sure!
Presley was our first new rabbit, and he is currently our only buck. He is six months old and supposedly a standard rex rabbit, however, his ears and feet speaks volume that he is most likely a mini rex instead. I'll try to get some comparison pictures of him and our standard rex doe to show the ear and feet difference, but with Presley's personality it might not be possible, at least not right now. Presley is certainly Mister Personality... 
Hey! My name's Presley!

 My hobbies include chewing on my empty toilet paper roll toy...

Nibbling on my yummy stick...

And of course my most favorite thing of all....

Making sure mommy can't get a good close up of me!


Yea... So maybe in a few thousand millenniums Presley will finally give in and decide that it's a good idea to let mommy take a picture with that big black contraption rather than for him to sniff it, lick it, and bite it.
Next up we have Elvy, our Silver Fox rabbit doe. She is two months old and MUCH bigger than Presley already! Silver Foxes are very large rabbits! However, they are turning out to be a VERY sweet breed and I'm really enjoying my first experience with them!
Hi, my name is Elvy, and I am a silver fox! I am very mellow and sweet...
I prefer being kicked back in my cage in a pile of hay rather than being up and about running around all the time. Our fur is very unique! It is silver infused black and when brushed forward, it stays standing up until being pushed back down!

I love it when my mommy holds me like a baby... And I have very fuzzy feet!

Third, we have Eden, our Californian doe! She is six months old like Presley, and we are currently setting them up on nightly dates! ;)

Okay so somehow my post got, uh, posted.. And I didn't mean for it to LOL, so here we go, time to finish my post..
Hello, my name is Eden! I'm a little shy and I enjoy eating my yummy pellets! I'm going out with Presley and soon I will have several little bundles of joy!
Last but certainly not least we have Tauriel, our beautiful Standard Rex doe. She is five months old and will also be dating Presley in a couple months. She was a little thin, therefore we are trying to put some weight on her before she has a litter.

Hey! I'm Tauriel! I love my nest box and being petted. I am sweet and elegant and I eat a lot for my size!


And that sums up my little introduction! Check in again in a few days for a Rabbit Report update!


  1. Excellent post my child! Hopefully we'll get Eden k-knock-ed up and sprinkle soon!! :)

    1. Thanks mom! My next post will be about our home remedies for her current non-romantic mood

  2. Those are some beautiful rabbits :) My daughter (way back a few years) had two Silver Fox rabbits - they grew very large and were beautiful - one did very well at the MN State Fair. Your pens look very comfy and clean!

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, they are a VERY large rabbit! I was shocked to find out how young our silver fox was considering she is larger than all three of our other rabbits, even our Californian! I try my best with the pens even though the rabbits tend to think that their hay for eating is instead a bathroom.... :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yes, they are my little bundles of joy!

  4. Youngun, that was an excellent post! You have beautiful rabbits and a great set-up for them. Sounds like you take really good care of them too.

    1. Thanks so much! I enjoy telling anyone who will listen about my life and what is going on in it. Blogging is a great place for my loud-mouth tendencies to take over LOL


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