Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Experience Pays... And Miscellaneous Things

Welcome to the Rabbit Report with The Youngun! All is well in the Bunny Barn and today I am just going to tie up some loose ends and tell a few tales, so let's begin...

First of all, I would like to talk about our glorious Tauriel, who we were lucky enough to find. She is our Standard Rex doe that we were able to get when we went to get Eden, our Californian doe. The gentleman we bought Eden from said he knew two ladies who raised Standard Rex and that they might have some they would sell. He took us over to one of their houses and they sold us Tauriel, so we finally have a Standard Rex doe! (some of you might not have known about finding Tauriel or that she is a Standard Rex, not a mini)

Next up I would like to talk about staying fit and lifting weights. In order to stay buff and attract ladies, I bought Presley this mean set of free weights.

Yea that's right... He's going to start lifting...

Okay... So he's not quite sure of the mechanisms of lifting weights yet... He'll learn!
Third order of business... We bought our water bottles from Tractor Supply and they were NOT working well at all! They leaked and usually would be empty in just a few hours... We can't have our bunnies being thirsty, so The Goodwife tried using a soda bottle with the water bottle lid. It worked, so that is our new method for watering our rabbits. You probably all know what a soda bottle looks like so I don't really feel the need to put a picture of that...
Next up, we have those comparison pictures of Presley and Tauriel I promised!
See how small little Presley's ears are? Much, much smaller than Tauriel's. She has also grown a lot since we got her.

Again, much larger ears, not just longer, but also regarding width.
This proves that Presley is a miniature, although, it doesn't really matter because all The Goodwife wants is Rex fur, and all I want is my bunnies, that make me sooo happy!
Last but not least, we have this lovely rabbit... 
Elvy? No no... This is Elvy...
The other gentleman is our handsome wonderful Spartan, the newest addition to our bunny barn...
On Sunday when we went to pick up The Man's quail, The Goodwife found a Silver Fox buck for $30, which is a really nice amount of money since Silver Foxes don't come cheap. Luckily, the buck was near the area we went to get the quail, so we went ahead to get this buck too. The gentleman we bought him from said at his previous home he had not been treated very nicely, and so he bought him to get him out of that environment. We took Spartan home and set up his cage, and he is doing VERY well in his new home!

Spartan is six months old, and after not even a minute with Eden he had bred her twice. We put her in with him again the next morning and he bred her once more, so we will be expecting little balls of fluff in twenty nine days! Spartan has a very nice coat and is a really sweet boy! I'm so glad we took him home with us!
Thank you for reading The Rabbit Report! Check in soon for another report!


  1. Love The Rabbit Report- you have a beautiful herd!

    1. Thank you very much! They do bring me such joy!

  2. Very interesting... all of them are very pretty.

  3. I feel dumb asking... do rabbits really "lift weights"? Yeah I used to have trouble with the waterers like that too. Smart thinking with the pop bottles!

    1. No, they just chew the silly thing up! They do like to carry stuff around, and throw it around though!


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