Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Time for Another Episode of......THE QUAIL REPORT!

Well since buying our new quail, the birds out in Quail Paradise have begun laying!  First one egg a day, then two, and last night we finally got four!  That means all four of those girls are laying now and that is very exciting! 

So The Man has 16 quail hens and they are all laying an egg every day.  Which very quickly adds up to this......

And by the by, I had no idea how lovely quail eggs are.  They are truly beautiful an unique!

That means my new go-to breakfast is this.....

That would be three soft boiled quail eggs and a half piece of toast.  It is quick and delicious and easy to eat in the car on the way to work!  I must say I do love soft boiled quail eggs!

  He's got lots of ideas for building more quail paradise type pens and they are soon to be in the works, but in the meantime he needed one of these....

And since our bosses give out a lovely bonus at Christmas time, he researched incubators on the online shopping place and decided on this's really cool, digitally controlled, and has an automatic egg turner......

Here he is loading it up with some pretty little eggs....

The rails are adjustable and can hold from parakeet sized eggs, all the way up to goose eggs!

It's got 30 quail eggs in it and hopefully in 18 days we'll have our first hatch of quail!

Until next time.............God Bless!!!


  1. Wow, neat looking quail eggs! I've never had them, so this was really intriguing to me to read about them. Also, cool incubator! Some day when I have poultry, I'd love to have one just like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for commenting! They really are so pretty. It is a nice, seemingly idiot proof incubator which is what we were looking for! LOL

  3. They are so teeny! I can't imagine us being able to have quail, but the idea is interesting. Glad it's going so well for you and may they continue to prosper!

    1. They are really tiny, but we are almost thinking about phasing out the chickens and only keeping quail, we love them that much!


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