Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Additions.....

We've had some new additions to our little homestead in recent weeks!

First, The Man surprised me by declaring he'd like to raise some quail.  I was excited by this as he's always had to work so very many hours he has never gotten to enjoy any of our livestock.  As a matter of fact he usually just sort of saw it as more work for him!  However when we were at work the other day he mentioned he wanted to get him some quail and that would be "his" thing, since the goats are my thing.  It would give him a project and something to take care of.  I said heck yeah!  Do it!  So we found 24 Coturnix quail on C/L and we bought them.  He is now planning to spend part of his Christmas bonus from work on an incubator!

Now on to the second addition!

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about it before, but back when The Youngun was a toddler and we lived close to my folks, my mom and I raised and showed pedigreed and registered Rex rabbits.  It was something we enjoyed doing together, however God brought changes to our lives and we, as well as my folks, wound up moving.  We moved to town on 1/2 acre and I had no way to keep my rabbits at that time and neither did mom, so they got sold.

Then a few years after that we wanted rabbits again, but we couldn't find Rex (everybody has the little guys, but the big Rex are buggers to find) so we just bought regular ole' mutt rabbits.

And then God brought changes again, so again the rabbits went....

When we were out in Montana, right before we made the decision to move back to KY, I'd bought 4 rabbit hutches on C/L....we hauled them thousands of miles back home and then I sold them....yup that's right....on C/L!

After building me a milking barn, The Man decided he's build me a rabbit barn as well....

So after prayer and consulting our Maker we've got rabbits again!!

We couldn't find any Rex for sale, so we bought a junior Mini Rex buck that I'm going to cross on my bigger rabbits, working towards a full size Rex.  

This is for sure the long way around the trailer park, but it will be fun and the point is to eat them anyway!  They'll still eat good even if they aren't huge.  The Youngun is going to get a Mini Rex doe to use on him to sell pets, and he's beautiful to boot! 

I bought a Silver Fox doe and a Californian doe.  It's not the perfect solution, it'd be much easier to find Rex to start with, but this will be a fun project and I'm not looking to show or register rabbits so it is a workable solution.  I'll also have some really nice meaty rabbits to eat which is the whole point anyway!

This is my first experience with Silver Fox and they are really a nice rabbit!!  

I'm excited to see what colors and fur types I get with the babies!

Until next time,

I remain yours in Christ.....


  1. Congrats on the new additions!! I LOVE my quail! They are so easy to raise and it's a huge treat when I make a batch of pickled quail eggs. It looks like ya'lls homestead is making huge progress.

    1. Thanks Queenacres!! God really is bringing us lots of good things! The Man just butchered some of the males tonight and we are going to sample them tomorrow night. We are excited! I can't wait to try pickled eggs! :)

  2. Congratulations on the new additions... so exciting to follow all this on here. Happy for you guys!

    1. Thanks Jen! I think I've figured out I quit bloggin cuz I didn't have any critters to talk about! :) Now that they are all coming back I've got a lot to say!

  3. Congratulations on your new rabbits! What a fun mix of colors and textures to play with! That little rex is gorgeous. I'll be following your progress with much interest.

  4. Thanks so much! I'm very excited to see what we come up with. We'll be breeding the Cal doe to the Rex buck in a couple weeks or so.


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