Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Day With Steve....

This morning we woke up to our first really chilly day of the fall!  I had thought last night that The Youngun and I would can some black beans today, but I woke up in the mood to play with Steve so off to my fabric stash I went!
I was looking for some pretty fabric to make an apron for my Sister.  My beautiful sister got married when she was 17...... and about 5 months or so ago, she got divorced..............after nearly 22 years of marriage.  She wanted the divorce, and even though it goes against my Christian beliefs to get divorced in most cases, it wasn't a bad thing.  She is a totally different person.  Her husband had tried his best, and mostly succeeded, in stopping her from having a relationship with me, or our folks, and I REALLY missed her.  We've talked more in the past 5 months than we have in the past 5 years! 
Anywho, she was here over the summer with my folks and she saw my chicken apron.  She requested that I make her one just like it.  I said, "Chickens specifically?"  To which she replied, "Oh does it have chickens on it?  I just noticed it was black and pretty!"  HA!  She's not exactly observant, but we love her anyway! 
I couldn't find anything that suited me in my fabric stash, so The Man, The Youngun and I ran to town.  They just opened a Jo-Ann's and I hadn't visited it yet, but I found the perfect fabric there today.

See she loves frogs, and she's struggled all her life with the words that are printed on this fabric.  I'm thankful that God led us to find it.  I think it will mean a lot to her!  I needed one yard to make the apron, but I got two yards, and am going to use the other one to make her either a bag, or some placemats. 

This is the back after I sewed the pleats.....

Now the front showing the pleats.....

Here I am sewing the bias tape on.  It's tedious work, but it sure makes the finished product look nice!

With the bias tape sewn on around the edges and the pockets on.  Had to finish the yoke, straps, and ties......

And the finished product!  As with the chicken apron, the pictures really don't do it justice!  And please excuse the condition of the model, I was ready for supper and a shower!  :)

In other exciting news for our family............lookie here, lookie here!

Guess what that means??  Shhh...I'll tell you  next time!

I remain yours in Christ....


  1. Nice fabric and apron... I'm sure your sister is gonna love it. Girl I still cant sew, lol. I sure am missing that milk!

  2. Love the apron... I want one :)


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