Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Yesterday afternoon I was standing at the sink washin' up some dishes.  My window looks out over the backyard, barns, and pastures.  This is what I noticed......

Does anybody see anything amiss in this picture?

How bout this one?  Anything at all??

Or this one?  Anybody?
That isn't a Tamworth, or a Duroc, or even a Red Wattle sharing Ed Earl and Luanne's pen......

The Youngun and I began casting about for clues.........we didn't find many.....just this track...

No hair, no smashed fence, no other evidence of tampering.......

After getting things back this way......

The Youngun and I began doin' this......
She's putting insulators on the posts so I can run hotwire.....

For this particular project we had to use three different types of insulator.
This is a nail on.......

This is a regular snap on, in long length.......

And this is what we call a reverse, or backward insulator.  It fits on the backside of the post.  In our case, we have insulators on the top outside of the pig pen, for keeping horses and goats out, and insulators along the bottom inside of the pig pen for keeping pigs in!

Now nobody is gonna bust in or out.  Hopefully this will encourage ever'body to stay where they belong!  Why in the world Champ would feel the need to go visit the pigs is beyond me, but nobody ever said he was the sharpest spade in the barn!

After getting all that done, I caught Ed Earl and Luanne in a romantic moment.  They are so in love!  Click the picture if you want to see it bigger! 

God Bless................


  1. Champ just wanted to see whats going on in the pig pen, lol. Thats funny. Love the last picture, so sweet :)

  2. Leave it to a horse to create mischief! Glad nobody was hurt and it looks like they all got along just fine.

    Hope the hotwire solves the problem for you.*wink*


  3. Ha. Sometimes the biggest critters are the sneakiest!

  4. I laughed because I didn't even notice that the horse was with the pigs...first time I have seen that..The first thing I thought was there was no snow on the ground.. I am not sure how much you have received this year but our snow is all gone and I am loving it...
    Have a great day..Lisa

  5. Champ just thought it would be fun to woller in the mud too... come on mom, you ruined his fun!

  6. obviously that horse wanted some bacon.

  7. Animals - it sure would be nice to know what they are thinking sometimes!

  8. Thanks for the comments ever'body. I'm pretty sure he was after the corn in the pig hut. How he knew it was in the pig hut, is beyond me.......perhaps his spade is a little sharper than I though!!

  9. uhmm is that pig porn? I thought pig week was over...didnt someone say that pig week was over??? I wasnt prepared for more pig week...!!! Ahhh, My poor little innocent brain!!

    And Champ was there to chaperone because obviously they need it..


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