Wednesday, March 30, 2011

15 Years........

15 years ago we became one flesh.  Each day my love for you has grown, swelling inside my heart until sometimes I feel it will break.  Sometimes, I cry because the pain of loving you so fully encompasses my heart and I feel as if I will explode with emotion.  God gave me to you, to be your wife and I feel so fulfilled because I am your woman.  The very first time I saw you, my heart leapt inside because it recognized you as my man.  You mean more to me than I can ever express. 

My partner, my lover,
My husband, my friend,
To be together,
With you to the end,
Is my greatest desire,
My hearts only wish.
Our souls have known each other
For millions of years.
I pray for many more lifetimes of loving you!

Happy 15th Anniversary to The Man, My Man, My Best Friend!

Here are 15 things about The Man and the Goodwife, one for each year we've had together...

1)  The Man's full legal name is initials.  Just initials and then our last name.  He doesn't have a "real name".

2)  My first name is after my Great-Great Grandma on my mom's side and my middle name is after my grandma on my mom's side. 

3)  The Youngun isn't named after any family members, but her middle name is after a Canadian rocker who just had a baby boy on Christmas Day.

4)  Since our first date, The Man and I have never spent a night apart..........not once.

5)  Our entire marriage folks have been saying to us......just wait until you've been married 2 years....5 years....7 years.....10 years.....12 years, meaning we won't be as in love and desirous of spending so much time together.  We are still waiting.......

6)  We work on our marriage every single day.  We don't let stuff slide to the side.  We've watched marriages fall apart and we are smart enough to know how it happens.  We are both very committed to keeping ours strong and healthy.

7)  We love to have fun and laugh.  Supper around our table is a pretty wild time, between the three of us.

8)  We eat supper together at the table every night. We use cloth place mats and napkins and hold hands to say grace. Don't get me wrong though, f@rting, burping, and laughing are always runnin' rampant! :oD

9)  The Man was at the infamous 1991 riot at the Guns and Roses concert at Riverport.  He was so mad 'cuz Axl was singing Rocket Queen (one of his most favorites) when he threw down the microphone and stormed off stage.  We still love classic G N' R though, and no 80's rocker can compare to W. Axl Rose!

10)  The first 6 years of our marriage we slept in a 3/4 bed.  That is bigger than a twin, but smaller than a full/double.  It's now The Youngun's bed.

11)  The Man has been beside me through my ups and downs with weight over the past 15 years and has always made me feel sexy, desirable and like an excellent specimen of womanhood.  I can't even express how sexy that makes him....and he's really sexy anyway!

12)  I've never met somethin' I couldn't cook and he's never met a motor he couldn't take apart and put back together (pre-computerized of course)

13)  He said I looked like Janis Joplin on our wedding day.  That's the biggest compliment he could give because he thinks Janis is the bees knees!

14)   I've had three wedding rings.  They keep breaking!  The first set we got fixed three times and it broke again so I just put it up and started wearing a twisted silver and copper band.  Then it broke so The Man bought me a new set for Christmas.  It's missing a diamond but is showing no signs of breakage.  We also don't buy expensive jewelry.  My first and last set came from Wal-trash and the braided band was 15 bucks from Silver Dollar City.  I loved it and want to buy another one if we go back.

15)  The Man has 7 tattoos and I have 5.  We each have a web on our left shoulder with The Youngun's name in it.

To read our story, you can click here........

God Bless......................


  1. happy anniversary!! enjoyed reading about ya'll :)

  2. Happy 15th Anniversary, Goodwife & The Man! I sure do enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Happy Aniversary , clearly a match made in Heaven

  4. Aww, Happy Anniversary!

    #8 made me laugh. :)

    Here's to another 15 years.

    Just wait until you've been married 30 years. ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary !! I can still look at my hubbie of going on 35 yrs...and it's like I see him again on campus walking towards me...and I knew He was mine!!!!
    Love the table comment...we raised 5 children...and we had all meals together...even if we had to go to the fields or to the construction site to eat with their daddy.And yes those noises did appear sometimes followed with giggles.
    3/4 bed was ours for the first 15 yrs..then queen and now we need a
    My weight has been an issue...but never from his eyes..or

    Celebrate today...with lots of fun...and romance.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! Your post made me smile - so many married people these days can't write such sweet, heartfelt comments after 5 years, let alone 15.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your story is very sweet and very much an inspiration.

  8. What a wonderful, funny and loving anniversary post. Keepy enjoying each and every day together and that youngin that you've brought into this world.

    Love the wedding pic of you both, and the more recent ones are a hoot, and you can tell you have much fun, and love each other a lot.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. wow, I think the tattoo part surprised me just a bit! I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to those!! And a 3/4 bed... where do you find sheets for one of those. I think I've seen one but not for certain.

  10. Hi ever'body! Thanks for your well wishes and comments!

  11. Happy Anniversary! 15 years, good for you and thanks for sharing more details about yourself and your life. I can't imagine 2 people sleeping in a 3/4 bed. Makes my back hurt just thinking about it. Guess that's my age talking. There was probably a day I could have done that but sure not now.

  12. That was just wonderful and made me very happy...that is what marriage should look like. You have a great outlook and a positive marriage. God bless you both!

  13. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite blog buddies and her hubby!! Y'all are truly a match made in heaven.

    Lil engagement ring came from Wally World. Of course, I took the husband (after a doctor's appointment, while all doped up on pain meds) and talked him into buying it!! Yep, that's how I roll. ;)

  14. Happy Anniversary! We're goin' on 5, but I look forward to being where you're at!
    And 80's rock, ROCKS! I did a dance recital to Welcome To The Jungle in high school. It was pretty cool if I do say so myself! I'm also a fan of CCR, but that's kind of a different genre. . .

  15. Awww, this is so darn sweet. Ya know I'm just a little envious of those tats ;)
    Congrats you two!

  16. Congrats Congrats to 15 wonderful years! Best wishes - enjoyed your post!

  17. Ohhh you can tell you two are in LOOOVVVE - the kind that makes little boys go "bleccch" and little girls swoon lol!

    Congrats you two!

  18. So Stinkin Sweet! Happy Anniversary... I love it!!! You two sound so much like my honey & I... makes me happy to see other couples like us after all these years. We Rock, lol. The pictures are great.

    Enjoy your day :)


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