Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Makin' a Door Wreath, Goodwife Style............

My dad is constantly telling me I live in Fairy Land, and that I have no grasp of the real world and don't know what is going on around me.  I'm really not sure why he tells me this, unless it's because I'm happy and what sane person could possibly be happy with the world crumblin' round her ears??  Well I'll tell you where my happiness comes from.  It's from the Peace that Passes Understanding, that's where.  I know things are falling to pieces, but the thing I hold onto is this.......God knows what's going on, He knows exactly where I am at every moment and He knows what is coming next.  That doesn't mean the times ahead will be easy, but I know God will give my family the strength to go on, and when we can't go on anymore, He will take us Home.  I KNOW that, there has never, ever been a doubt. 

Because all three of us are total smarty pants with a wicked wit, we decided to make a welcome to Fairy Land wreath for the front door.  We also thought about changing our answering machine message, but I decided that would just be too snarky.....

In that spirit, when The Youngun and I were in town Monday for her orthodontist appointment we stopped in at Michaels (craft store) and picked up some supplies.

I have no plan, just start snippin' and stuffin'

Here we go.........yes that's an Arby's cup in the background, don't judge me.....I'm all about the french dip with lots of horsey sauce when we have to go to town......

A piece of leftover cedar becomes the palette for our Fairy dreams.....

Then I rubbed the transfers onto the wood.........the letters wouldn't stick for some reason.  I think they must have been old or something, but the fairy's stuck real good!

And we are all done!  In the midst of makin' this I had to take a break to help The Man bleed the brakes on The Dodge.  I told him I had fairy dust to spread and didn't have time for such things, but he didn't listen!

Looks pretty no?

God Bless.......................


  1. love it!!!

    {when we go to town it's pizza and dr. pepper for me!}

    yeah...this worlds a little crazy but it's nothin' our amazing God can't handle...He's got our backs! :)

  2. I LOVE it! I think Fairy Land is a great place to be when you have the PEACE that can only come from one place. :) Adorable wreath!
    ps. What Arby's cup?

  3. I live in Fairy Land too and I love it there! :)

  4. I think our belief in the One who gives us peace, definitely has something to do with our living in our own peaceful havens, while the world is falling to bits.

    Love your wreath.


  5. Love it! I live in Neverland (or Wegnerland if you want to be more grounded ;}). It's a great place to be and can follow you anywhere!
    My first job (that wasn't for a relative) was working at an Arby's in a truck stop. I lived on curly fries and chocolate shakes for about 3 months before I got tired of lonely travelers hitting on me and needing a squeegee to wipe the grease off my face every night. :/ Still get cravings for curly fries now and again . . .

  6. Very pretty , and a perfect rebuttal to your dad's little snark

  7. I had to laugh! My Pap tells me I'm stuck in LaLaLand, but it's okay by me. It's all goats & burgers there! I really like the wreath! It's super-cute, and the bird is adorable.

    PS: I love Arby's curly fries & ham + cheese deal. It fills me up MUCH better than MickeyD's when I am out.

  8. Hi all and thanks so much for commenting. It warms my heart to no end, as well as giving me hope for the future to find some many other like minded folks! Hugs and God's love to you all!

  9. I made my home in 'Fairy~Land' too!

    Your wreath is just amazin'!!!

    God bless and have a remarkable day!!!

  10. Beautiful! Just like everything you make!

  11. Very nice! I love how you go from making crafty things to bleeding brakes. Talk about multi-talented! :)

  12. So Cute! I live in Fairy Land too, lol.

  13. Oh I love the wreath and you had to put fairy dust and had no time... NICE!!!!

  14. Very nice job on your wreath, Ma'am!
    I'd never judge you for your love of Arby's... mostly because I've been know to drive 40 miles to get a Jack in the Box burger once or twice a year LOL!


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