Friday, July 30, 2010

Washing Dishes, and Other Necessary Evils.....

I confess, I wash my dishes by hand.  I have a dishwasher but I don't use it.  I actually hate the silly thing and would rather have the cabinet space!  It doesn't get the dishes clean and it doesn't put the dishes away, so what's the point? 

I do have a top secret device that makes it more enjoyable...........what's that?  You want to know what it is?  What's that?  No, no I don't make The Man or The Youngun do them.  It does however involve sticks of steel (or wood, or plastic) and cotton balls.  Or wait, is it bolls?  Are you ready? goes.

Yup, hand knit cotton dish rags.  The psyche is an amazing thing and when I'm washing dishes with one of these they just don't seem as bad! 

Would you like to have the pattern?  Well good, cause I'm gonna give it to you right now!  I'm not a very talented knitter so I know you can do these.  I'd love to be able to make socks and mittens and sweaters and such, but I just can't figure out how to do them so I make dish rags.....lots and lots of dish rags!  LOL! 

Oh yeah, were you wondering what the other necesary evils are that I referred to in the title?  Well, having the house on the market means one thing and one thing only.......CLEANLINESS!  My house is cleaner than it's ever been.  This isn't a bad thing mind you, I love having a nice clean house and it's so much easier when you keep up with it.  Putting your house up for sale is a GREAT motivator for keeping things spic and span! 

Anyway, here's the pattern for the dish rags.  I use Peaches and Cream cotton thread.  You can sometimes get good deals on it at Wal-Mart.  Happy Knitting!

Knit Dish Rags
These are worked with two colors, referred to as Color A and Color B.  When asked to slip stitches, do so purlwise.
Using a #9 needle (I sometimes use a #8) cast on 45 stitches with color A

Row 1 - (color A) Knit
Row 2 - (color A) Purl
Row 3 - (color B) K4, slip 1 *K5, slip 1* K4
Row 4- (color B) K4, YF, slip 1, YB *K5, YF slip 1, YB* K4
Row 5 - (color B) P4, YB, slip 1, YF * P5, YB, slip 1, YF* P4
Row 6 - (color B) K4, YF, slip 1, YB * K5, YF, slip 1, YB* K4
Row 7 - (color A) Knit
Row 8 - (color A) Purl
Row 9 - (color B) K1, slip 1 *K5, slip 1* K1
Row 10 - (color B) K1, YF, slip 1, YB *K5, YF, slip 1, YB* K1
Row 11 - (color B) P1, YB, slip 1, YF * P5, YB, slip 1, YF* P1
Row 12 - (color B) K1, YF, slip 1, YB * K5, YF, slip 1, YB* K1

Repeat to desired length, finishing with rows 1 and 2.  Bind off loosely and tuck in stray ends. 

I like to use the same colors, but switch the order (ie. color A becomes color B).  Have fun and I hope you try these.  If you have a favorite dish rag knit pattern please share it!  Til next time..........God Bless!


  1. I havent knitted since high school to pass my sewing Those are pretty though! THis house doesnt have a dishwasher,..I didnt think I would miss it but I DO! Especially for my milking equipment.
    I woudl be in a world of hurt if we were trying to sell the house. If I get one room put together then another is a mess!lol I need ot get things organized but I need more shelves, tubs or something... Some day it will be done.. SOME day....

  2. Your dishcloths are very pretty, Goodwife. I knit them, too. Here's my pattern if you'd like to try it.


    Peaches & Creme Cotton Yarn; size 7 needles

    Cast on 45sts (loosely). When asked to slip st, do so purlwise.

    Row 1: Knit

    Row 2: Purl

    Row 3: K4, slip 1, *K5, slip 1*, continue between *s across to last 4sts, K4

    Row 4: K4, YF slip 1, YB, *K5, YF slip 1, YB*, continue between *s across to last 4sts, P4

    Row 5: P4, YB, slip 1, YF, *P5, YB, slip 1, YF*, continue between *s across to last 4sts, P4

    Row 6: Repeat Row 4

    Row 7: Knit

    Row 8: Purl

    Row 9: K1, slip 1, *K5, slip 1*,continue between *s across to 1st, K1

    Row 10: K1, YF, slip 1, YB, *K5, YF, slip 1, YB*, continue between *s across to 1st, K1

    Row 11: Purl, YB, slip 1, YF, *P5, YB, slip 1, YF*, continue between *s across to 1st, P1

    Row 12: Repeat Row 10

    Repeat these 12 rows until desired length is reached, finishing with Rows 1 and 2.

    Bind off loosely.

  3. AwwwwH beautiful but I only know how to do basic crochet*wink* We do make crochet dish cloths and tops for tea towels to hang on your stove front or on a cabinet handle.

    When we remodled our kitchen the kitchen designer had a space for a dish washer and I had it removed, she looked at me like I was nuts when I told he I'd rather have a cabinet installed.

    I got your letter and will work on my reply this week. Finally the garden is producing and it seems it is ALL coming at once so we want to take full advantage of it all*wink*

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. okay, I'm knit challenged! And the husband does our dishes. I know, bad wife, but he is like you. Would rather do them then let me put them in the dishwasher. I hate to admit it but I'm not very domestic.

  5. @Wife.....nothing wrong with that! When I worked full time, The Paintiff and I pretty much shared the household chores, and even now if something needs doing, he'll get right in there and do it. That's what bein' partners is all about! ;)

  6. I bought 1 of those lil dishrags at the heritage village field trip that my son went on...Love it. I would be intersted in buying some from you if you sell them. I am not a knitter so to speak..get back with me and lemme know what you think. I paid 1.50 for the one dishrag at the shop there.

  7. I don't have a dishwasher either. I do have a nice view outside over the sink though and that makes a big difference. I've also knitted 2 dishcloths, got the pattern from Rhonda on her blog Down-to-earth. A simple open mesh pattern.

    DH does do the dishes on occasion and I really appreciate it.



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