Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Bunnies Are The BOMB!

Hello there! Today I am here to tell you why bunnies, are the bomb. Let's get started with my reasons...
Reason #1
Yep, you "heard" me right, noise. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not like one of those old ladies who sits in her rocking chair knitting and wants complete quiet all day every day with not a creature stirring, not even a mouse... I mean, I own two parakeets for goodness sake!
I am the type of woman who assumes that noise, is a distress signal. I guess God just programmed my brain and instincts to think "pain, fear, or another ailment" when I hear a loud noise emanating from an animal. And that's all well and good if the animal is in distress, however that isn't always the case! For example, these creatures...
Make noise, ALL THE TIME! and it is rarely a sign of distress. However, when I hear it, my brain instantly thinks... "OH NO!! AN ANIMAL MUST BE HURT! I MUST SAVE IT!" 
Okay, so let me get to the point... Bunnies only make noise, when they are in distress. I know if I hear one of my rabbits making that loud, high-pitched squealing noise, I need to get to them fast because something is wrong!
Reason #2
These reasons just steadily grow more odd don't they...
In my opinion, bunny droppings are one of the best kinds of droppings...
Bunny droppings are small, compact little balls that don't stick badly to your shoes, don't have to be dry to be put on plants, and don't smell so horrible that you can't even function... Here is a visual for those of you who would like one...
Ooh, ah... Just kidding... But not really....
Anywho, bunny droppings are what is known as "cold manure" meaning it doesn't burn plants. You could catch droppings straight out of the rabbit and go and dump it on your plant, and it wouldn't hurt it. Cow, horse, and other manures will burn plants if you do that.
 And then of course... I'm sure I don't need to explain the whole, sticking to your shoes thing... If you own dogs I'm sure you've been there... Or the whole "smelling thing..." also involving dogs, and cats... And several other types of animals...
Reason #3
This is also going to sound odd, sadly, but I am a fan of noses... I just adore a strong Roman nose both on men and goats :) which is why I am a fan of Nubians... Just for their noses...
And bunny noses are just so adorable. They twitch and sniff and wiggle and wobble, and they fill your heart with the kind of joy that you just can't get out of other things...

Reason #4
Cotton Tails

Need I say more???
Reason #5
As several people have commented... Rabbit colors are such fun! There are so many different colors, and you really never know what is going to pop up! "It's like a box of chocolates, you never really know what you're gonna get!" ;) In just the several months we've had rabbits (this time) we have encountered almost ten different colors! You can mix fur types, fur lengths, fur feel, color, rings, tones, the list goes on people!

Reason #6
As I'm sure you know if you've done much reading on this Blog, The Goodwife (mom) anxiously awaited baby goats for FIVE LOOONNG MONTHS. And every day she would pat mother's tum and talk to the babies inside and tell them she couldn't wait to meet them. The moral of the story is that five months is far too long for this young lady to wait! Need I remind you that I bred these two....

the fourteenth of March, and we are going to have babies in twelve days??
Reason #7
In order to own rabbits, you don't have to have all of this...

All you need is this!!
Almost anyone, whether you live in the country, town, even the suburbs if there aren't rules against animals, can own rabbits if they want to!
Reason #8
No hauling big bulky buckets of water to these bunnies!
 Simply fill a bottle...
And voila! Fresh water for your rabbit! Much easier for young women and/or people with disabilities... Or people who are allergic to work or light to moderate lifting... ;)
Reason #9
To make more bunnies, all you do is pick up your doe and put her in the cage with your buck once in the morning and then once at night. Tada, you've just made baby bunnies. No hauling a big animal, no worries that your bucks will get out and breed your does you don't want bred, no fear to get in the middle of two large animals, no fuss, no muss.
Reason #10

Who could resist that sweet little blonde face??

Bunnies are the bomb!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love you Poodle and I'm glad you love your buns so much! I like them, but have to say goaties are my fav! :)

  2. Great list! I am especially fond of the nose point because I am a nose-lady, too! Twitching rabbit muzzles, yes! Big bold Roman horse noses, yes- bring it on! I love rabbits for all the reasons you listed, but today their (lack of) noises is my current favorite. I just finished listening to them quietly munching on hay and eating pellets while it softly rained just outside the door. Such sweet sounds that bring peace and joy to my heart after hearing the ruckus of humankind all day prior. :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, I know what you mean, their noses are amazing! And I love listening to Presley munch quietly on hay, it is like my therapy! Sometimes you just need a break from that human ruckus! :)

  3. Excellent post! Having had both rabbits and goats I could truly relate with real life comparisons. :) That said, we only have goats at present, and sadly, it will likely stay that way, noise and all.

    1. Haha! Well, I get my share of noise too, regarding my parakeets! ;)


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