Thursday, April 9, 2015

General Updates... Elvy and Eden..

I don't really have one specific thing to include on here since we missed the four week weigh in for Tauriel's litter :( I need to make a reminder for the fridge.... I swear I would forget my own name if people didn't call me by it all the time! ;)

So anyways, on to an overall general update. I went ahead and moved Tauriel and her babies out here yesterday...

A mommy bunny, nine fat healthy babies and one single feeder was not working out too well! So my general plan is when these are ready to wean, the boys will go in the smaller growout and I'll leave the girls with Tauriel for a bit longer, then move her back to her cage a couple days later. This will prevent mastitis in Tauriel. Needless to say, this pen is working out SO much better. 

Here is their normal cage, and as you can see, the growout pen is double or more of this cage. 

They are all stuffed in the corner because our neighbor was weed-eating around his mailbox and the bunnies weren't feeling that loud noise.... They don't care about lawnmowers... But saws and weed-eaters scare the crud out of them.

Alright, so next up is my very exciting news! Eden and Elvy aren't due until Monday, however I'm thinking that my Elvy girl is an early nester!

Yup, my little, er, big girl, has been hard at work on a nest for the past couple of days. Eden and Elvy were bred on the same day, and here is a comparison of the two nest boxes this morning when I went out to do chores.

Eden's box... (front view)
And Elvy's box... (front view) there is a LOT more hay in this one, as you can see
Elvy hard at work in her box...
She was so excited for hay this morning when I brought it over to her. So I stuffed some in the middle of her cage and stood back and watched. (I usually only give hay once a day, mostly in the mornings, since they usually have hay left at night anyways, unless I have bred does who are close...) And when I gave her hay, after only a few seconds of watching, this is what I saw....
All of you darlin' rabbit raisers out there tell me if you see what I see ;)
Sorry I had to separate it into two videos... Otherwise the vids will be too long to put on Blogger..
It also upset her for me to open her cage, so ignore the slightly obstructed view...
We'll see if she pulls fur in the next couple days or if she'll wait until Monday. Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Yaay for haystache!!! Good girl Elvie! I can't wait to see your babies! And I'm actually REALLY excited to see Eden's! You are such a good rabbit raiser!

  2. That is a beautiful sight, for sure. Fingers crossed for healthy popples!

    1. It IS beautiful! I hope she does a good job, since I have to go back to school the day they are due. Hoping for happy, healthy, well cared for babies!

  3. Yay! So glad they are doing a good job getting ready for their new kits! Also, the grow-outs look fantastic! I see the gold-tipped steel coloring is coming in brightly now. Great job with them! :)

    1. I'm so excited to be able to watch my does nest... Eden usually nests right before she gives birth, so it was a really exciting moment for me to see Elvy nesting right there in front of me!! And thanks! They really are beautiful babies. The gold tipped steel is looking good, I wish we could keep him but we don't really have the space right now. Maybe when we are ready for a replacement buck another one will pop! ;)


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