Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who'd a Thunk It?

Snowballs in May!

We had one heck of a hail storm hit my town on Monday afternoon.  Sky got all black, and the thunder started rolling.  I watched some wicked lightening, then the power went out.  I was standing in the kitchen when it sounded like a body go dropped on the roof, then it just kept pounding.  I glanced out the front door and saw golf ball sized hail coming down sideways.  The biggest ones were very slushy, like wet snowballs, but the marble sized ones were rock hard. 
If you are bored and care to see the news photos you can click that there link.  It was very bizarre, came down the highway from the northwest, traveling south east.  My friend Darlin' Deb works at the school which is about 1.5 miles south west of my house and it didn't hail at all there.  Her house is about 1 mile straight west of me and it hailed there..........and the town The Man works in is 18 miles south and it didn't even rain or cloud up! 
We didn't have any damage, except for being out of power for about 12 hours, and a few dings in Black Betty (our old Chevy pickup), a couple dings in the house siding, and some in the garage. 
Here's hoping you are all hale and hearty!
Till next time..........God Bless!

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  1. We just got a LOT of rain!! It poured and poured and was windy.

  2. Yep, rain and then WINDY to take it right back here too. Although today is turning out tobe beautiful! Taking my plants out to harden off and working in the hoophouse, planting potatoes, cleaning up the raspberry patch, etc..... The ground is still pretty cold, even had a hard frost last night.

    We've had it that just the other side of town got poured down on and yet we saw neery a drop, weird huh! I guess it's all in how the clouds travel ;o)

  3. Nope, nothin'. Simply gorgeous all day up here! How crazy.

    Oh, did you check to make sure a body hadn't actually landed on the roof? Why, poor Dorothy and Toto could still be up there needing medical attention...or a ride home.

  4. Wow !! We got nickle sized hale the other day. I'm sure glad it wasn't as big as what you got! I'm glad it didn't cause any bad damage for you.


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