Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well well well............

Weigh in this morning I was up again.  Total weight gained from my two month sabbatical from living right.......11.6 lbs.  Am I proud of myself?  Nope, but I'm not going to beat myself up either.  As my WW buddies say, it's a marathon, or it's a war not a battle.  I'm back on the train, back to feeling centered, back to wanting to be healthy. 

I'm lifting again, and running again and it feels good.

There are five kids in my dad's family.  In this picture they are from left to right.....Baby Bro, my Dad, Girl 2, Girl 3, and Girl 1

My dad is the oldest, then the three girls, then his baby brother.  Baby Bro had a heart attack Sunday night, he's isn't even 50 yet.  Girl 1 has a multitude of health problems, Girl 2 had bipass surgery last summer, Girl 3 needs knee surgery on both knees, and my dad is a mess from top to bottom with diabetes, high blood pressure, and he's had 2 back surgeries.  They are all (with the exception of girl 2) more than 100 lbs overweight.  I love them all so very much and I don't want this to be me.  It will NOT be me.  I'm still healthy and I intend to stay that way!

Till next time.....I'm fighting the fight, and I'm going back to walking the walk, till I'm once again unTHICKINand soTHINNIN!

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  1. Way to go Goodwife! Stick with it -- YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! We all go thru slumps...sometimes the slumps are a long time -- sometimes they are a short time... I'm a lifetime WW member since way back and this weight loss is the third time around (now it isn't so much for looks but for my health -- middle age is much better healthy! Stay with it - you know it works!


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