Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Quail Report, Using Quail Eggs and Growing Quail!

So the baby quail are now about 10 days old.  They are growing SO fast it's just amazing.  
Here is a picture of them the day they hatched....

And here they are at about a week.....

They are so funny the way they lay all stretched out.  They truly look like a person laying on their stomach!

And here they are at 10 days old, this morning!  Totally different!

I'm in here catching up on my baking, but The Man is outside building them a quail paradise of their own.  That is where they'll live until we butcher them in about 6 weeks or so.  

In the meantime, as ya'll know we are really enjoying eating the quail eggs. 

This morning we wanted scrambled quail eggs, so I got to try out my new kitchen toy....... 

Quail egg scissors!  These things are so awesome!  

This is a gratuitous picture of my delicious breakfast, scrambled quail eggs, homemade bread with homemade mint jelly and a strip of bacon from our home raised piggies!

But this is a video of how these quail egg scissors work, and they are a blessing and a boon to quail egg users everywhere!

Disclaimer............YES that is really what I sound like...........good grief.....

Till next time....

God Bless!


  1. Quail egg scissors? I just learned something! Who would have thought. Pretty clever, actually.

    1. They are very clever and a very useful tool as well! I'm not really big on kitchen gadgets, but these things serve their intended purpose quite well!

  2. Wow, they look SO different! I love watching them grow up and I am learning every time I read your post about them. I sure never knew quail egg scissors existed either! :)

    1. It is crazy how fast they are growing and changing. We've raised chicks for years and it seemed like they grew and changed over night, but nothing like these quail are! :)

  3. That is fascinating! I had no idea there was such a thing!

    You have budgies! :) I used to raise them, several years ago. I think I had about 30, at one point. I had to sell them all because the hubby is allergic. I miss that sound.

    1. LOL, yup, we've got two. The Youngun actually had one, Boingo but then my sister in IL bought one and decided she didn't want him anymore, so a couple weekends ago when we made a trip up to visit my folks, we brought Maurice home with us. They stayed in separate cages for a while, but now they live together and are happy as can be. We aren't sure of Boingo's sex though. We've always thought Boingo was a male as well, but his cere isn't near as blue as Maurice's. No mating as of yet, so maybe they are both males. Anyway, they are always chattering and happy! :)

  4. I bet those scissors are wonderful. So easy


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