Friday, January 23, 2015

Babies At Two Weeks...

Welcome to the Rabbit Report! On Wednesday (the 21st) Eden's litter of seven turned two weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are growing!

Such a wonderful mother Eden has been! :)

We wanted to weigh the babies at two weeks, so we got our handy dandy scale and our breakfast bowl to put the little bunnies in so we could weigh them.
We brought out paper and pencil and recorded the weights as we went. Here are the recorded weights of Eden's litter at two weeks...
1.) 7.48oz
2.)  7.90oz
3.)  9.42oz
4.  6.98oz
5.) 7.55oz
6.)  7.76oz
7.)  7.83oz
As you can see, one of the babies is rather small, and another is rather beastly in comparison to the others... Here are some comparison pictures of the two.

We aren't sure if the beastly bunny will stay the biggest or if the weights will even out as the litter gets older and starts eating real food, such as pellets and hay. We shall see... The babies are growing SO quickly and they are almost ready to come out of the nest! (Pictures will be posted shortly of this) While we had the scale out we weighed three of our older rabbits as well...
Presley- 4.8 pounds (seven months old)
Spartan- 7.1 pounds (seven months old)
Elvy- 8.2 pounds (four months old)
Tauriel and Eden weren't weighed due to Tauriel being bred and Eden having a litter in her nest.
Spartan is rather small for a silver fox. Elvy is three months younger than him and weighs a whole pound more. She is certainly going to be a large rabbit! Normal adult silver fox rabbits weigh between ten and twelve pounds, and they dress at the highest percentage of any rabbit, meaning their weight when they are butchered is very close to that of when they are processed. (You don't lose a lot of weight in the process of harvesting the rabbit, it is mostly meat, which is great for our purposes!)
Stay tuned for another Rabbit Report!   


  1. YAY! They are so cute already- those little noses! Also their weights look great- right on target for their age from everything I can find. I'm so curious to see how your smallest kit grows. Unfortunately my smallest kit is still the smallest at 4 weeks, but maybe 6 or 8 weeks will allow for time to catch up. Thanks for the update! :)

  2. Very good post. I had fiber rabbits a long time ago but never let them have babies. So it's interesting to see the photos.


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