Friday, April 1, 2011

Wanna Feed The Pigs With Me??

Click below (even if you can't see the box) to watch a video of Pig Feeding Time!

You never doubt if you are needed when you have critters!  They are always happy to see you and give you some love, never mind that it's because you feed them, we'll just gloss over that part!

As you can see we are still in love with our Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs! 

They are growing like weeds and still as loving as ever. Luanne isn't near as much of a cuddle bug at Ed Earl, but I think that is probably because she is half Poland China and Ed Earl is full G.O.S......

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God Bless...........


  1. Y' know, I would love to feed someones pigs! I used to save all the good food scraps so I could go visit the pigs at my cousins place. We'd like to get our own pigs here, but I think it would be pushing it with our neighbors.

    Cute video, the pigs made quick work of their food!

  2. hehe... that's awesome! I always keep my old food at our house and we feed it to the neighbor's piggies :)

  3. That's pretty much the ONLY cute pigs I have ever seen... normally I hate pigs!

  4. Oh, they act all crazy at feeding time just like our chickens!! Everyone is neighborly until the feed bucket comes out, then it's every hen for herself. lol

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. well crapola, I couldn't get the video to work. Kept giving me an error. I'll have to try again later. Looks like some good pig lovin' goin' on there!

  6. They are so cute. I'm sure they love you and the food is just a bonus!

  7. Love It! Beautiful pics. too. Aint it funny they act like ya havent fed them for weeks at each feedin, lol! They are gettin sooooo big!

  8. Aaaah, the pigs are very cute! We have never had any.


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