Monday, February 4, 2013

Lets Make a Piggy Potholder!

First off, let me apologize for the quality of these pictures.  My camera is in the glovebox of the car (for reasons I'll reveal very soon) and I took these with The Youngun's ipod, so they aren't the greatest in the world! that's out the way!  Moving on........

See this dirty little piggy??

My momma made this little piggy potholder years ago and it's my most favorite one.  This one and one that has a fried egg appliqued on it, but I digress.......Anyway, this little piggy looks so dirty cuz I've caught it on fire more than once on my grill, and I use it all the time cuz did I mention it's my most favoritest hotpad??

Anywho, today after work I decided to construct a new piggy hotpad and this is how it went. your stash bag and find a piece of fabric that you can double and have the same size as your little well as a piece of quilt batting......then trace the outline of said piggy and all his accoutrements.....

Then using a plain zigzag stitch or a pretty, fancy stitch from your friend Steve, you sew all around the outline of the piggy.....

Then cut carefully around the outside edge of the zigzag stitch that you outlined the piggy in.....

Then you want to sew around that same outline stitch again, to make sure it's nice and strong.  

Next you stitch all the little accoutrement lines that make a pig a pig, like the eye and the ears and such.
Then you sew on a pretty little button for an eye....and have a nice little piggy potholder!!

The dark one I made first.........and The Youngun claimed it for her hope chest.  So I raided the stash again and found this fabric, which I used to make another for me!

Now I've got two piggy potholders to match the two little piggys in my backyard!!!

The white gilt is Rebecca of Lardy-brook Farm, and the Hamp gilt is Queen Genevieve of Baconia...

They are gonna fill my freezer up later this year, the yummy little girls!

K.........go sew somethin'....

till next time..........God Bless........


  1. ~ Cute piggy potholders... you make it look sew easy, lol. You know my sew machine and I do not get along. Your real life piggies are cute too and I'm sure theyre gonna be mighty tasty later this year.

  2. Cute cute....and I LOVE those piggy names!

  3. That is one cute porker piggyholder! Yes it does look so easy!

  4. Guess you'll have to make me one because I can't find the cord to actually plug my sewing machine into the wall, therefore, it does me no good right now :)


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