Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Answers to Asked and Unasked Questions...........

Ok, ok, so some of the questions were asked, and some of you couldn't care less......since when has that ever stopped me?  Baaahahahhaaaa!

  1. Is The Youngun still being homeschooled??
  2. Where is Champ??
  3. Where does Willow (the cat) now live??
  4. Are you insane??
  5. Do you ever get sad, down, depressed.....ever??
K.........thats enough questions for now. If you have any others though, please do feel free to leave them in the comments section!

Answer to question new-mare-o eww-no.......
  • No.  We were feeling nudges to put her back into the public school system while we were in Kentucky.  I wasn't crazy about that idea as I wasn't fond of the Bowling Green school system (waaaaay to big for this goodwife) but we did want to mind the Lord and we had been talking about it as a family and praying about it.  When this Montana gig came up I began googling the school up here.  I was pleased, and even more so after meeting with the principle and staff.  The Youngun was excited though nervous.  She attended Thursday and Friday of the first week and then Mon.-Wed of the next week before being off for Christmas break.  The school is tiny and there are 7 kids in her math class.  Lots of one on one attention and yes they do still call it Christmas break here.  A wonderful and refreshing change from IL schools.  She goes to school 26 miles away from our house and Mouse or I drive the girls 14 miles one way to meet the school bus, where the bus then takes them the remaining 12 miles to school.  Same drill in the afternoon.  Did I mention The Youngun loves it, and she re-entered public school seamlessly??  God is good!  I also strongly feel that it was His plan for us to pull her from school in IL when we did because of all the turmoil we were headed for.  Moving from IL, to KY, to MT in the space of 6 months would've been a bit traumatic if she'd been attending school in IL and in KY!

Moving on past question twa for now, (and that means two in goodwife speak).  The answer to question three lies in the following picture........

My days now consist of........ feed the dogs, let the dogs out, let the dogs back in, feed the cat, dogs eat the cat food, feed the cat again, cat poops, dogs eat the cat poop, repeat until bed time..............

Question 4.......ah dear sweet question 4.......
  • Probably............but not for the reasons you think.  We have faith..........if that makes us insane then we're proud to be nutty!  Life only scares us when we think we are in charge.  When we know we are letting God make the decisions it's all just a really fun and exciting journey!

Question 5.........the meat of it all............
  • YES! Although it isn't very often sometimes I'm get so sad I don't think I can go on.  Usually it's related to my monthly cycle (see above question cuz I for sure am then) (sorry if TMI) and I can usually power through it but sometimes it's the hardest thing I have to do.  A few days after we moved to this beautiful place I was PMSing and feeling terribly sorry for myself.  The Man was having the time of his life learning the ranching trade and I was feeling as useless at tits on a boar.  For the first time in 13 years I have no critters that depend on me and I was feeling low, low, low.  Then I was laying in bed and I had one of those smack upside the head moments that God often graces me with.  I remembered........I am here because God wants me here.  God has a plan and a purpose for me and if right now all that purpose is is to keep my house nice, feed my family and my dogs, and scoop that dang cat box, (see the above question about where Willow now lives), well that's ok.  That is what God wants me to be doing.  Then I felt better!  And you know what?  About 2 days after that, Mouse started calling on me and having me help her with cow stuff.  And God said...... SEEEEEE, you must give Me time to work.  And I said..........sorry Big Guy, I failed you again!  And I was once again so thankful that even though I fail Him constantly, He never ever fails me!

And now........to answer question twa..........my heart constricts on question twa........
  • Champ is gone.  He couldn't come to Montana with us.  Champ was 24 years old.  He was an old man in horse years, and I couldn't bring him 1600 miles north in December.  The climate and altitude would've been too much for him.  On a totally practical note, we aren't exactly rolling in cash and transporting him would have been a financial outlay we simply couldn't afford.  As I've stated many many times, selling him was not an option.  He left this world relaxed and happy and that's all I'd really like to say about a very painful subject.  ♥
    He gave me 11 years of wonderful horsey love and I'll never have another like him, if I ever even get another horse.  I'm a lifer and a horse can be a 20+ year commitment for a person like me.  I'm also not too sure that God has ever had horses in the plan for me.  I think He's allowed me to have them because I've wanted them, but I'm not sure it's ever been what He's wanted for me, though we do talk about that often as my heart yearns to ride over this 30,000 acres on a faithful steed.  God will let me know in His time what the plan is regarding that!

So that's those questions answered.  There was another question posted by anonymous on my last post, about bear eating cows..........no wait........maybe it was about cow eating bears??  Anyway, I'll answer that question next time..........

oh yeah.....ps.........is this font hard for you to read???

Till then...............God Bless..........


  1. Fonts Good! There is something about following the will of God no matter how crazy it looks to others it s is peaceful beyond belief! So happy for you all! Tough decision on #2....

  2. I'm so glad you posted your adventure on your blog. I really needed to read about just following Him. It's hard sometimes, I just have to have faith.

  3. yes (sorry!) the font is hard to read.. but what i really want to know is..... did you find this thru that caretakers website? here is why i'm asking.. we looked into that! hey! you took our job! (so kidding). i'm superduper excited for you. we were considering MT or SD b/c of all the work they have in the oil fields. how hilarious if we would have been neighbors! ps you dont have to make this public and you can email me at ohiofarmg At gmail

  4. It takes a lot of courage and faith to soldier through what you have all done. Prayers for you and your family to have a joyful life in this new venture

  5. Holy cow, you are stronger than I am! And I don't see any change in the font... but maybe I'm just a day late and a dollar short.

  6. Making decisions about the animals that you love and care for are some the hardest in life. One of my favorite books as a child was "The Yearling." It took me a very long time to understand the "why?" of how that story ended. I was serious about the bears...that's all you hear about: the fight between the ranchers and the environmentalist crowd...wolves vs cattle, bears needing more space than the parks provide. It is fabulous land out there...wild and beautiful, but not without political problems. Good luck, goodwife!

  7. Hi Anonymous.......I know you were serious and I didn't mean to come across as poking fun at you! I'm going to do a blog post this week about it.......and yes........ranching and being an environmentalist don't usually go hand in hand! :0) Thanks so much for reading and commenting and for your kind comments about Champ!

  8. Well, you've been up to a lot again! So far you've been in two places that I always thought I'd like to live! Sounds like things are going well for you. I'm sure selling a lot of your possesions and critters couldn't have been easy, but it sounds like you've had a fairly smooth transition. Many times, God's path isn't easy in the slightest. Glad to hear that Youngun made the transition back to school so well and you're getting settled in to your new place. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you and your family that living in God's will continues to find you in peace.

  9. I love the answer to question #5... God does have a plan.

  10. Nice to see you after awhile.


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